It is a MILONGUERO MEETING where there will be no exhibitions. It is neither a festival nor a marathon and the number of participants is limited. We have respected the man / woman balance and there will be parity on the milongas.

DJs are famous musicians of traditional European gatherings.

Being milonguero means observing various rules to form a more harmonious group and achieve greater well-being during the dance for all participants. Respecting these norms will also mean greater enjoyment and integration on the milongas.

An intimate and social tango is promoted, because it is not only danced as a couple but also with the other dancers.

You are invited to dance with the traditional „mirada and cabeceo” and the embrace is close and respectful.

During the dance we move in a counter-clockwise direction.

On the ronda, respect and cordiality are very important. The couples circulate fluidly on it, staying in the dance lines, giving space to the dancers that precede, keeping the distance from the couple that follows, keeping the feet on the floor. We do not perform ganchos, voleos, volcadas, colgadas and other high figures in order to avoid hurting someone.


– Do not get close to the table if you do not receive an answer through „mirada and cabeceo”, maybe it is not the right time for the partner. Do not insist, they may want to rest or it may not be their favourite tanda.

– Join the ronda carefully, waiting and letting the couple which is already dancing move by. Give the leader of the dancing couple a sign that you wish to enter, it gives very good results.

– Mind that the ronda belongs to everyone.

– Try to avoid the back steps, occupy an empty space with speed or cross.

– Do not change or leave the line without taking precautions with the couple coming from behind.

– A man should take care of a woman and avoid colliding with other dancers. If it happens, APOLOGIZE.

While registering for the event, the order of applications DOES NOT DECIDE.

IF YOU IDENTIFY YOURSELF fully with this type of dance, we are sure that you will enjoy the experience and appreciate the magic of the event.